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23 Things You Probably Don't Know About OJ Simpson

23 Things You Probably Don't Know About OJ Simpson

One of the most watched trials of our time was the O.J. Simpson trial. One of the biggest televised murder trials in history was ignites when the bodies of Nicole Brown-Simpson and Ron Goldman were found stabbed to death. O.J. Simpson was the suspected killer but was eventually acquitted after an 18 month long trial. Check out some facts that you may not have known about the "Trial of the Century."

Although it has never been proven, there are sources that say that O.J. Simpson's lawyer Johnnie Cochran tampered with the evidence, specifically the gloves. The prosecutor had said that Cochran have torn the lining of the gloves to help convince the jury of his "if it doesn't fit you must acquit" closing statement.

An interesting factor that was never brought up during the trial was that leather shrinks when it becomes wet. The liquid that causes leather to shrink could be water or even blood. SO it is very strange that science was not factored into the defense's argument when Cochran gave the "if it doesn't fit you must acquit" speech.

Even though the Condo of Nicole Simpson stood empty for a couple years following the murders, it was eventually sold off. The property was sold for only $200,000 which was significantly under the asking price. The new owner would end up extensively remodeling the home upon purchasing it and also changed the address number. The Condo would end up being sold later in 2006 for 1.72 million dollars.

One of the attorneys on the Simpson team wrote a memoir in 2013 called, Taking the Stand: My Life in the Law. In that memoir he claimed but the district attorney of Los Angeles whispered to Cochran that she was not wearing any underwear before he took the stand for his closing arguments. After speaking with district attorney Marcia Clark she admitted that it was true.

The Infamous Ford Bronco that was seen in the police chase of O.J. Simpson is now available to rent for parties. The high speed chase was watched by nearly the entire whole of the United States back in 1994. Reportedly Simpson was in the back of the Bronco during the chase with his friend driving with a gun to his head after formally being charged for double murder.

Another fact that did not help the public's view of O.J. Simpson was that he returned to the scene of the crime after the murder. Several sources say but the former NFL star return to the site where Nicole and Ron died just a month after being found not guilty.

Marcia Clark, the Los Angeles prosecutor in the O.J. Simpson trial, and did her legal career following the acquittal of Simpson. It was the only murder trial that she had ever lost as a prosecutor. She did end up going on to writing 4 best -selling crime novels.

Robert Kardashian was a former attorney and close friend of O.J. Simpson. After the trial he revealed that he himself had some doubts about O.J's innocence due to the blood evidence surrounding the case. He was photographed leaving Simpsons home carrying a large bag and its contents are still unknown today.

After O.J. Simpson was acquitted the families of both of the murdered victims sued him in civil court. As a result the judge awarded the families 33.5 million dollars in Damages. They have reportedly received less than 1% of the money which is roughly three hundred and $30,000 still owed to them by O.J.

The two children of O.J. and Nicole we're only five and eight years old when their mother was killed. The son Justin is said to be working as a chef, and his older sister Sydney is working as an event coordinator in Atlanta.

The sister of Ron Goldman admitted to contemplating killing O.J. Simpson to avenge her brother. Kim Goldman wrote a book called, Can’t Forgive: My 20 Year Battle with OJ Simpson, in which she stated that had seen Simpson in a parking lot a couple years following his acquittal. In that moment she started rubbing up the car and contemplating running him over, though she never ended up going through with it.

It was claimed that OJ Simpson was extremely jealous of his wife's relationship with other men when they divorced in 1992. She had an alleged relationship with former NFL player Marcus Allen that he was not happy about it all. Allen claims I'm in the car whenever romantically involved but a close friend of hers revealed differently in a book that she would end up writing.

An interesting factor that was never brought up during the trial was that leather shrinks when it becomes wet. The liquid that causes leather to shrink could be water or even blood. SO it is very strange that science was not factored into the defense's argument when Cochran gave the "if it doesn't fit you must acquit" speech.

A source reportedly told the National Enquirer in 2012 that Simpson had kept the murder weapon which was believed to be a German stiletto with a blade that was more than six inches long. That same source also stated that O.J. was attempting to sell the murder weapon to a wealthy collector for 5 million dollars.

Robert Shapiro was one of the defense attorneys for OJ Simpson who broke a 20-year silence on Fox News. In that interview Robert revealed what O.J. Simpson said immediately proceeding his Court verdict. Simpson turned to Shapiro and whispered, “You had told me this would be the result from the beginning. You were right.”

A Diary of Nicole Brown was found which had several stories speaking of the ongoing violence by her husband O.J. Nicole's sister Denise was able to read her Diaries following her death in 1994. According to her sister the diaries featured many instances where O.J. put his hands on Nicole.

Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman both suffered very vicious attacks. When they discovered the body of Nicole a very large and gaping neck wound that cut into her spine could be seen. She also had multiple stab wounds on the left side of her neck and her scalp. Ron Goldman was also seen having his throat cut who also had wounds to his face and chest.

Apparently Nicole knew that her death would eventually come at the hands of her husband O.J. Kris Jenner, who is a family friend of the Browns, said in an interview stated that Nicole knew she was probably going to be murdered and even warned about her husband's violence. He quoted Nicole as saying, "Things are really bad between O.J. and I. He’s going to kill me and he’s going to get away with it.”

Before O.J. Simpson was married to Nicole Brown he was married to Marguerite Whitley from 1969 to 1979 and had three children together. Apparently he was having an affair with Nicole Brown while he was still married to Italy. Simpson even admitted that he was unfaithful to both of his wives and that he has regretted it most of his life.

Several witnesses claim that they heard O.J. say "I'm sorry" as he was standing over the casket of his ex-wife Nicole. Everyone who heard it was wondering exactly what he meant and what he was apologizing for.